We are the national community of credit unions who serve schools, universities, and educational SEGS. Our members uphold education and financial literacy for members and the community as a mission, purpose and strategic business focus. We are a community where:

  • CEOs and Boards discover how education can be an effective strategic niche to differentiate and grow the CU

  • Education/Marketing/Financial Literacy "experts" working in CUs share ideas, programs, success, and resources

  • Board/ Volunteers are warmly welcomed at the annual conference, meeting up with like-minded volunteers and building lasting relationships

We welcome all credit unions to support education by joining our cause!

Our History

Organized in 1972 to represent the special interests of education and school credit unions, the founding members recognized that educator CUs are unique and could greatly benefit from cooperatively coming together to share ideas and resources. As the number of credit unions peaked, over 360 credit unions belonged to ECUC and were regular attendees at our annual conference. Now, over forty years later, with so many changes in the CU industry, the Council continues to be the pillar upholding the vision and mission of education in CUs across the nation.

Our Board of Directors

We are fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse group of leaders with representation across the nation and across the spectrum of CU size, charters and membership, all having a focus on education: